How To Design a Patio For Summer

How To Design a Patio For Summer

Summer is the perfect season to relax, enjoy the great outdoors, and entertain your family and friends. If you’re thinking about updating your patio, there are tons of amazing, inspirational ideas out there for you to try. Whether you’re looking for new furniture or just want to spice up your décor, read on for tips about how to design a patio for summer, so you create an unforgettable space you’ll enjoy all season long.

Focus on Entertaining

If you’re planning to host lots of outdoor dinner parties or backyard barbecues, design your patio in a way that caters to entertaining guests. A quality bar with some matching barstools will create a fun place for guests to gather as they sip on a favorite beverage. Add a gorgeous fire pit table to your patio to create an amazing focal point and a cozy spot to enjoy great meals. This piece of patio furniture will definitely be the hot topic of conversation, and it makes hanging out at night all the more fun. You can also bring out a firepit to give your patio an amazing spot where guests can sit around, tell stories, and relax by the roaring flames. Fountains or waterfall features are other great additions that will enhance the entertaining experience. Don’t forget to add a quality patio dining set that includes a durable table and comfortable chairs so that everyone can relax outside long after the meal is over.

How to Design a Patio for Summer: Make it Comfy

Comfort is king in every room of your home, and the patio is no exception. Make this space as comfortable as possible by choosing furniture that offers plenty of support for family and friends. If you have the space, an outdoor sectional is an awesome choice. This oversized sofa provides plenty of room for people to sit, lounge, and stretch out. You can also find beautiful outdoor sofas, loveseats, and accent chairs created in comfortable designs. Top your furniture with thick cushions on the back and seat so that hanging out will always be a comfortable affair. A weatherproof pouf or patio ottoman are both great options, too. This accent furniture is perfect for propping up your feet or providing an extra, comfy seat for unexpected guests.

Fill Your Patio with Color

As you think about how to design a patio for summer, you can’t forget color. Bright, cheerful colors will make this space the number-one place to be when the weather gets warmer. It’s easy to add color to your patio with a few simple, functional accessories. A bold and vibrant outdoor area rug is a perfect way to incorporate some color into the patio while creating a defined space. Try an area rug in a bright solid color or go dramatic with something in a cheery pattern in lots of vibrant tones. You can also add color with a beautiful patio umbrella. Not only will this provide your guests with cooling shade, but it can really make your patio stand out and appear welcoming and fun. Add an umbrella in a lively color tone or try something with cheerful stripes to give your patio a playful pop. Other easy ways to add more color are by placing some planters with flowers and tropical trees around your patio or adding a few garden sculptures to the décor.

Bring Out the Lighting

As the weather starts to get warmer, you’ll probably spend time on the patio long after the sun goes down. Make this part of your home more appealing by adding a few key lighting pieces. A few sets of solar-powered string lights will definitely give your patio a party-like atmosphere. You can also install hardwired lighting to give the area a bright boost. Look for outdoor pendant lights and flush mount lights that you can install on a pergola or porch roof. Solar pathway lights are awesome, and they provide bright lighting along a garden path for people as they enter the patio. A spotlight is another great choice for patio lighting. Use this option to highlight some of your home’s architectural features or to shine a light on your garden fountain for a fun, bright touch.

Try a Feature Wall

Similar to a gallery wall you’d find in a living room, an outdoor feature wall can make your patio more personalized and unique. Hang some planters on the wall and fill them with blooming flowers or charming succulents for a fresh, fun look. You can even find outdoor artwork that can bring a unique addition to the patio, too. Look for beautiful weather-proof clocks, thermometers, and other outdoor accessories that you can hang all along the feature wall. Adding a few simple finishing touches with décor can instantly transform the way your patio area looks and feels. Have some fun trying out several different items until you find the right combination of products that will make your patio feel cozier and more unique to you.

Choose Functional Furniture

When you think about how to design a patio for summer, always make sure that your furniture is serving its purpose. Try pieces that will give you two functions in one, such as a comfortable and roomy storage bench. A patio bar with stools that neatly tuck underneath will help you preserve more square footage when they’re not in use. The same goes for your dining chairs. Look for a patio dining set that has chairs you can tuck under the table or that stack on top of one another for easy storage. If your patio is on the smaller side, try a charming bistro set instead of a full dining ensemble. This affordable furniture option typically includes a small table and two matching chairs, so you have a cozy space to sip a cup of coffee, read a good book, or enjoy a casual breakfast on those beautiful summer mornings.

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