How To Maximize Your Patio Space

How To Maximize Your Patio Space

If you have a small patio, making the most out of the available space you have can be a challenge. Even if your patio is lacking in size, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy every single square foot. Read on to learn how to maximize your patio space so that you can enjoy spending time outside all spring and summer long.

Choose Multifunctional Pieces

From pool toys to gardening tools, it’s not too difficult for your patio to become cluttered rather quickly. If it’s a small area, you might wonder how to maximize your patio space to keep things organized, yet still have what you need close at hand. One easy way to declutter your patio is by choosing furniture that offers you two functions in one. For example, a storage bench or ottoman provides your guests with comfortable seating, but it also doubles as a place for hidden storage. Choose a beautiful outdoor bar that has hidden shelving, so you can double that area as storage, too. Another hack? A large outdoor cocktail ottoman can also serve as a coffee table, too. Just place a durable tray on top of it and use it as a surface for eating and drinking.

Get Creative with Seating

When it comes to dining and entertaining outdoors, you might wonder how to maximize your patio space for this purpose. Instead of traditional patio dining chairs, consider a dining bench instead. Benches are much slimmer and more compact, and they’re easy to move around so you can use them for other things, too. They can also seat more people at each side of the table, making them a versatile choice for small patios. A loveseat or sofa can also work nicely as seating for dining. Anything you can use to relax on, dine on, and simply enjoy should be a good option to use in a smaller patio area.

Downsize Your Furniture

It may seem obvious but choosing furniture with a smaller footprint will certainly help you maximize your patio space. Consider adding nesting tables that can fit underneath one another after your guests leave for the evening. Slim chairs instead of oversize seating with a large silhouette will free up square footage on your patio, not to mention elbow room. Another great way to make more of your available space is to choose stacking chairs. You can simply take each chair out when you need it, then stack them on top of one another later if you need a little extra room. Keep these simple tips in mind so you can get the absolute most out of your small patio space. No matter what size your patio is, with the right furniture and layout, you can easily enjoy the great outdoors all season long.

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