Teak vs Wicker Patio Furniture: Which Should I Pick?

Teak vs Wicker Patio Furniture: Which Should I Pick?

Choosing the right outdoor furniture can be a fun experience but making sure you get it right is also a challenge. Since this furniture will be outdoors and exposed to the elements, it’s vital that you select products made of durable materials that are built to last. When it comes to the debate of teak vs wicker, which type of furniture material should you choose? Read on to discover more about these amazing materials, what makes them unique, and whether a teak or wicker piece of furniture will suit your needs the best.

Teak Furniture: The Pros

Teak is an extremely dense form of hardwood that has exceptionally durable properties. This beautiful wood grows natively in regions like India and Southeast Asia. Not only is teak wood strong, but it’s also quite beautiful to look at, adding a sophisticated component to your patio. When teak is freshly cut or sanded, it produces a gorgeous golden-toned, honey hue that is slightly oily to the touch. That’s because teak contains natural protective oils that are infused into the wood, protecting it from things like destructive pests, fungus and rot, and water damage. As your teak outdoor sofa or chair sits outside over time, the wood color may start to fade. Thankfully, you can maintain the rich and beautiful color of your new teak wood furniture by applying a sealer to it annually. Otherwise, another pro of choosing teak vs wicker is that it’s extremely easy to care for and to maintain. Because teak is dense and strong, it won’t get knocked over, even in strong winds.

Many consumers praise teak wood furniture due to its natural beauty and a long-standing reputation for being a high-quality choice. This means that you’ll get a high-end furniture item that is often considered top of the line. When your teak furniture is well taken care of, it can last for decades to come. Buying new furniture is a big investment, so it’s important that you choose pieces you know you’ll enjoy in the future. In fact, your teak furniture might even outlast you or your home!

The Many Benefits of Wicker

In the battle of teak vs wicker, there are lots of perks associated with choosing the latter. It’s very important to note that the term wicker refers to an all-weather wicker material that’s made from synthetics rather than being constructed from natural woven materials. In fact, wicker is not a material, but a term used to describe furnishings and accessories that are made by weaving rigid materials into different forms. You may see the word wicker used to describe everything from baskets to household décor and accessories. Wicker can be made of natural materials like rattan or bamboo, too. When it comes to outdoor furniture, the term wicker almost always refers to items crafted of synthetic resin or plastic, like polyethylene. When shopping for outdoor furniture, you may see the terms resin wicker, PE rattan, or all-weather wicker. These terms all refer to the same thing, which is a woven polyethylene added over a rigid frame. The furniture frames are typically made of aluminum, iron, or some form of hardwood for durability.

Speaking of durability, always choose a resin or synthetic wicker for your outdoor furniture. Items made of natural materials won’t hold up to constant exposure to the harsh sun, rain, and other environmental elements. While natural wicker looks beautiful, it’s not designed to be enjoyed outside. Too much moisture can cause natural woven products to rot, become misshapen, or completely disintegrate over time. However, PE rattan and resin furniture can handle the outdoor elements throughout the season. In fact, it’s easier to take care of than teak wood, because you don’t need to apply any special kind of sealer or other treatments to prevent it from fading. Burrowing insects, mold, and mildew are also not a concern with wicker furniture. To keep it looking new, simply dust it or gently scrub the dirt away using a mixture of soap and water. Wicker furniture is much lighter than teak, so it’s easier to move around. On the other hand, it’s also more prone to tipping over or blowing away in inclement weather.

Teak vs Wicker: Which Material Wins?

Whether it’s an outdoor sofa, a dining set, or a comfortable chair, which option is a better choice? In terms of budget, wicker furniture is usually a lot less expensive than teak wood. Comfort is another important factor to keep in mind when you’re looking at patio furniture. Wicker is mostly rigid but also has more give to it than teak. It really comes down to the design of your furniture, the type of cushions you use, and how it feels when you sit on it. Wide armrests can make both types of furniture comfier, as well as ample cushioning on the back and seat. You’ll also want to consider aesthetics when you choose between these two types of furniture. In most cases, wicker has a much more casual look and feel, while teak furniture is sleek and modern. It’s a matter of personal style and which option will suit your patio and your home the best. If you like rearranging your patio furniture often, consider wicker over teak. However, if you love the look of a modern or more formal outdoor space, then teak is likely a better choice for you.

You’ll typically find wicker used for conversation sets and casual pieces like coffee tables and loveseats. Wicker also comes in a lot more colors, which can be a great perk if you’re looking to create a vibrant and cheerful patio area. Teak wood is excellent for patio dining tables, benches, and accent chairs thanks to its heavy weight and higher durability. There are plenty of beautiful teak conversation sets and outdoor sofas topped with comfortable cushions, too. Make a list of your priorities before you determine whether teak or wicker will suit you best. Both are durable choices, so it may come down to price, style, or weight.

Why not Mix and Match?

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to designing your patio, so there are other options that can include both teak and wicker together, rather than thinking in terms of teak vs wicker. For example, a sturdy outdoor dining table made of teak wood pairs nicely with a set of wicker dining chairs. Thanks to the lightweight construction, you can easily move your wicker chairs around the table or to other areas of your deck, porch, or patio. Since most teak wood furniture features its signature classic honey or brown hue, it’s easy to mix and match pieces with colorful cushions or vivid wicker furniture. You can focus on investing most of your furniture budget in a solid teak table, then enjoy the less expensive option of wicker chairs and other accent pieces.

You can easily protect your teak patio table by applying a sealer to it as needed. You can also sand the tabletop down if you choose. Wicker chairs are easy to maintain and can simply be hosed down or scrubbed with soap and water whenever they need to be cleaned. You can always upgrade your patio dining set later by purchasing teak chairs if you change your mind. Thanks to their versatile looks, both teak and wicker work well together or separately as individual pieces. Pair a teak rocking chair with a charming wicker coffee table. A sturdy teak chaise lounge looks charming next to a wicker end table with a glass top, for example. To prevent your wicker furniture from blowing away or toppling over, make sure you purchase items built with a heavyweight iron or aluminum frame. This will give the furniture a bit of extra weight that can help to hold its shape and keep it upright and stable when the wind blows.

Both of these outdoor furniture options offer you a beautiful way to enjoy the great outdoors. Each one is extremely durable, easy to care for, and beautiful to look at. Have fun shopping for your new patio furniture, and look for designs that come in a style that speaks to you. If you’re concerned about your furniture budget, consider investing in one good piece of teak furniture that you know you’ll use throughout the summer. Top your furniture with colorful cushions for added comfort and a cheerful look. Whether you choose to go with all-teak or all-wicker furniture, or you decide to mix and match, both of these options are a smart addition to any patio space.

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