Best Striped Umbrella
Outdoor Stripe Umbrella
Highest Quality Stripe Umbrella
Best Striped Umbrella
Outdoor Stripe Umbrella
Highest Quality Stripe Umbrella

Classic Mariner 9ft Round Aluminum Patio Umbrella

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Color Sundowner Grey Ice

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Classic Mariner


Our Classic Mariner 9ft Round aluminum patio umbrella is the ideal choice. Fitted with our automatic lifting system It offers the perfect blend of materials that exude elegance and perfection tailored for any environment. Setting itself apart from its counterparts this umbrella is ideal for almost any setting allowing for multiple units to be opened quickly. Crafted entirely from aluminum and elegantly complemented with nylon and stainless steel components.


What makes our umbrellas unique is our patented automatic lifting system. The automatic lifting system features a unique patented automatic opening mechanism eliminating the need for cranks, pulleys, and ropes. A simple pull opens the umbrella automatically.




Cape umbrellas use 6063-grade aluminum. 6063-grade aluminum has reasonably high tensile properties and a high degree of resistance to corrosion. Used mainly in exterior applications It is finished off with a 15-micron anodizing application. 


The aluminum frames are made using a round center pole with a 1.5-inch diameter. Standard with our automatic lifting system,there will be no ropes, no pulleys, and no fuss.

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The Automatic Lifting System (A.L.S.)

Completely unique, easy-to-use. The hidden self lifting system allows anyone to open and close the umbrellas with ease. The Automatic Lifting System (A.L.S) was thought through and designed to heighten our umbrellas above the rest.

How it works

Umbrellas can be quite heavy, and opening them can be cumbersome. That is why HC Luxury Furniture is happy to offer automatic-opening umbrellas. Simply lift the umbrella arm until the ALS system kicks in. From there, your umbrella will open on its own quickly and safely, with minimal effort. To close it, gently tug the hub, and your umbrella will close itself.